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Compass Rose The Compass Rose is the emblem of the Anglican Communion. It was originally designed by the late Canon Edward West of New York. The Greek inscription ‘The Truth Shall Make You Free’ (John 8:32) surrounds the cross. The compass points to Anglican/Episcopal Christianity throughout the world with the mitre on the top indicating the role of episcopacy and apostolic order that is characteristic of churches of the Communion. The modern design is by Giles Bloomfield and the symbol was set in the nave of the Cathedral Church of Christ in Canterbury and dedicated by Archbishop Robert Runcie at the final Eucharist of the Lambeth Conference in 1988. A similar Compass Rose was dedicated in Washington National Cathedral in 1990 to encourage worldwide use. The official Anglican Communion flag with the emblem was designed by the Rev’d Bruce Nutter of Australia.

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  • Anglicanism: A two tunes approach to truth - some reflections related to the Covenant:      The Rt Rev'd Dr. John Saxbee [view/download...] 
  • The Great Eastern Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami - a Japanese Anglican response:
    The Rt Rev'd John Hiromichi Kato [view/download...]       

 Small Compass Rose  APOLOGETICS

  • The Apologetics of Blaise Pascal:  The Rev'd Dr. Graham Tomlin [view/download...] 
  • A Christianity that Modern Anglicans can believe in: The Rev'd Professor Paul Badham [view/download...]
  • Liberal Anglicanism: The Rev'd Professor Paul Badham [view/download...]
  • ‘Seeking common ground between Tractarians and Evangelicals’ - an exploration into the historical similarities and commonalities between the two movements for present day reference: The Rev'd Peter Kane [view/download...]

Small Compass Rose BIBLE

  • The Second Coming hits Brazil - How Literary Reworkings can Revitalise Scripture: The Rev'd Dr. Anthony Swindell D.D. [view/download...]

Small Compass Rose  ECCLESIOLOGY

  • A Quantitive Study of Lay Anglican Ecclesiology:  The Rev'd Dr. Nicholas Henderson
  • Continuing Anglicanism, or Continuing Anglo-Catholicism? - A Study of “The Affirmation of St Louis” (1977) Dr. Robert M. Andrews [view/download...]
  • Whatever happened to the Laity? (2015 Annual Cathedral Lecture, Chester Cathedral) Canon Professor Elaine Graham [view/download...] 
  • A New Apologetics: Speaking of God in a world troubled by Religion. (2016 Annual Cathedral Lecture, Chester Cathedral) Canon Professor Elaine Graham [view/download...]

Small Compass Rose   ECUMENISM

  • Anglicanism - A Roman Catholic View - Close up: Dr. Patrick Logan [preview] [view/download...]
  • Anglican-Orthodox and Anglican-Roman Catholic Theological Dialogue: The Rev'd Canon Hugh Wybrew [view/download...]
  • The Apostolic Constitution 'Anglicanorum coetibus' of Pope Benedict XVI from an Anglican Perspective: The Rev'd Dr. Callan Slipper [view/download...]
  • A Comparative Study of Anglicanism in the Church of England - from a Spanish Perspective: Antonio García Fuerte [view/download...]

Small Compass Rose    EDUCATION

  •  The Church of England's Response to Religious Pluralism: Canon Dr. Anne Davison                      [preview]  [view/download...] 
Small Compass Rose   ETHICS

Small Compass Rose   HISTORY

  • The King James Bible 1611 - History and Provenance: Professor Bill Gibson [preview]  [view/download...]
  • An All-Purpose Saint for the Church of England:  The Post-Reformation Evolution of the Cult of St George: Michael Collins [preview]  [view/download...]
  • Nineteenth century urbanisation and the Church of England, an assessment: The Rev'd Christopher Ramsay  
  • Divine Monarchy, Divine Society: Trinitarian thought and socio-political change - a 17th century study: The Rev'd Dr. Miranda Threlfall-Holmes [preview] [view/download...]
  • Putting the English Reformation on the map: The Rev'd Professor Diarmaid N.J. MacCulloch, Kt, DD, FBA [view/download...] 
  • The Latitude of the Church of England: The Rev'd Professor Diarmaid N.J. MacCulloch, Kt, DD, FBA

Small Compass Rose   INTERFAITH 

  • Interfaith Priorities: The Rev'd Dr. Marcus Braybrooke D.D. [preview] [view/download...]
  • God who is Trinity: speaking with Muslims, reflections on an Anglican contribution by Archbishop Rowan Williams:  The Rt Rev'd Dr. Michael Ipgrave  [view/download...]
  • 'Levels of Meaning' - Reflections on Christianity from a Muslim perspective: Raficq Abdulla             [view/download...]

Small Compass Rose LITURGY

  • To Creed or not to Creed? - that is the question.  On the history and usage of the Nicene Creed - a fresh evaluation: The Very Rev'd Canon James Newman [view/download ...]
  • The Eucharist and the Monomyth: Danny Pegg [view/download ...]
  • How and why and when to recite the Nicene Creed: 
    The Rev'd Dr. Warner White [view/download ...]

Small Compass Rose   MISSION

  • Reflections on ethics, ‘public theology’, and mission in a secular age: The Rev'd Canon Professor Vernon White [preview] [view/download...]

Small Compass Rose    PHILOSOPHY

Small Compass Rose  SACRAMENTS

  • Sacramental Assurance and the Anglican Tradition: Anthony Woollard  [view/download...]
Small Compass Rose SEXUALITY
  • If God created us to be sexual beings, in relation with our fellow humans, why do we, in the church, try to diminish this element of ourselves in order that we might know God likes us as well as loves us?: The Rev'd Ruth Fitter [preview] [view/download]

Small Compass Rose  SPIRITUALITY

  • To what extent can George Herbert's 'The Country Parson' be read as a spiritual text of relevance to the spirituality of Anglican priesthood today?: The Rev'd Christopher Ramsay                                                           [view/download...]


  • Divine Divines - some whimsical reflections on Church of England clergy: The Rev'd Peter Watkins [view/download...]

Small Compass Rose  THEOLOGY

  •  Scripture, Reason and Tradition: The Rev'd Jonathan Clatworthy                                                         [view/download...]
  • Samuel Taylor Coleridge - A Theologian for our Time: The Rev'd Canon Richard Truss [view/download...]
  • The Fresh Air of Theological Liberalism: The Rev'd Canon Dr. Alan Race [view/download...]
  • The Eucharist and the Monomyth: Danny Pegg [view/download]
  • Theatre and Theology as Transformative Encounter - a ctitical analysis of Samuel Beckett's 'Waiting for Godot', Harold Pinter's 'The Birthday Party', & David Hare's 'Racing Demon': The Rev'd Canon Richard Truss [view/download]

Small Compass Rose  WOMEN'S MINISTRY