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Jan 2017 Christmas past and present. The Middle East and Western values [view/download]

Jan 2016 Tyrants old and new. Christianity in the Middle East v. Sexuality [view/download]

Apr 2015 The rise and rise of fundamentalism [view/download]

Jan 2015 A crescent or a scimitar, a cross or a …? [view/download]

May 2014 Women bishops coming soon in the Church of England? [view/download]

Jan 2014 Is Anglicanism anti-gay? A reflection on how Anglicans respond to new legislation in Equatorial Africa [view/download]

Sept 2013 The Syrian Crisis – the Christian dilemma. [view/download]

Feb 2013 Primus inter pares the papal abdication will change more than the man at the top. [view/download]

Jan 2013 Dialectical Anglicanism. [view/download]

Dec 2012 A curious case of inculturation? Advent becomes the new Christmas and Justin Welby the next Archbishop of Canterbury. Is there more to come? [view/download]

Nov 2012 Justin Welby. Archbishop of Canterbury women bishops, sex and schismatics  [view/download]

Oct 2012 The next Archbishop of Canterbury, seeking the best compromise or none? [view/download]

Sept 2012 Mr President or My Lord Archbishop? [view/download]

Aug 2012  Whither the Global South movement? [view/download]

July 2012 Church of England bishops – men and women. [view/download]

June 2012 Of crowns and (triple) tiaras. [view/download]

May 2012 A new Archbishop of Canterbury and an old or a new Covenant?  [view/download]