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Index & Papers

This Index provides access to a library of papers related to the general theme of ‘Anglicanism’. Covering a wide range of subjects associated with an understanding of Anglicanism, the papers are available gratis for research purposes.

Standard academic practice quotation of small sections may be used freely with acknowledgement of the author, title and website Permission must be sought from authors, through the Editor of this site, for full reproduction of papers.

Prospective new papers may also be submitted (in Word format, with JPG pictures as necessary) to the Editor for review and approval prior to publication. Papers are published gratis and remain copyright of authors.

Recent Additions

The Apostolic Constitution ‘Anglicanorum coetibus’ of Pope Benedict XVI from an Anglican Perspective: The Rev’d Dr. Callan Slipper [view/download]

To Creed or not to Creed? – that is the question.  On the history and usage of the Nicene Creed – a fresh evaluation: The Very Rev’d Canon James Newman [view/download]

A Church Forgiven. Ministry in the Church in Wales – post Women Bishops: The Rev’d Dr. Lorraine Cavanagh [preview] [view/download]