Beyond the Lych-gate; a Strategic Diagnostic of Church Culture and Practices that Marginalise and Disenfranchise Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic People in the Church of England

Dr. Sanjee Perera is a Cognitive ecclesiologist, researching racialised stake-holds in the Church of England. She holds a doctorate in Cognitive psychology, specialising in Moral judgement capacity and Ethno-social identity in societies in conflict. She has undertaken various research initiatives on racialisation in the Church of England, including most recently the Minority Anglicanism Project, a large scale multi-faceted research study at the University of Birmingham on how the Church of England navigates its racialised stake-holds and the cognitive impact this has on minority ethnic and marginalised communities.

In a fragile, vulnerable world that is experiencing extraordinary and catalyst change, the Church is asking ‘what can we do, how can we be better?’ This paper is a pragmatic distillation of the findings of the Minority Anglicanism Project (MAP) , and other stake-hold psycho-social research endeavours on ‘race ’, marginalisation, prejudice and unconscious bias in the Church. Formulated in response to those who have written in to ask for practical guidance on strategic measures Churches and Dioceses can take to be more receptive and inclusive, it is framed as a very simple and accessible diagnostic list of recommendations for dioceses, clergy, wardens, PCCs and other ecclesiastical missioners, it journeys from the lych-gate to the altar. The recommended strategies explore church practices in Invitation, Welcome, Inclusion, Belonging, Embodiment, Generosity and Vocation, spelling out the Cognitive repercussions of subjugation in church, both on those who are reduced, as much as those who hold racialised monological dominance.

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