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RELIGION & SECULARISM – a reflection

The Rt Rev'd Dr. Keerthisiri Fernando writes: There is an impression today that in Britain many sociologists studying religion are preoccupied with debates on secularisation, modernism and postmodernism theories, to prove or disprove the significance of religion in modern British society. This has been happening in the context of some conflict between religion and secularisation. ...

Statement on recent political developments in Sri Lanka by the Bishops of the Anglican Church of Ceylon

Whilst the rest of the world is understandably engaged with the war in Ukraine, trouble is emerging in Ski Lanka where the Bishops of the Anglican Church of Ceylon express their concerns ...

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Statement on Clergy Conference 2022 by the Church of Ceylon

While the country’s problems have been brewing for years, spillovers from the crisis in Ukraine have sent the island nation over the edge

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The Anglican Church of Ceylon calls for urgent action from UN Human Rights Council

The Rt Rev'd Keerthisiri Fernando, Anglican Bishop for Kurunegala of the Church of Ceylon calls for action from the UN in response to continuing violence following Islamist suicide bombings in 2019.

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Sexual Orientation and an Anglican Response – An Asian perspective

The Rt. Rev'd Keerthisiri Fernando
If we were to think of one aspect of life that has been of immense scrutiny and discussion in the Church it would be human sexuality ...

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A theoretical framework for analysing the history of the Christian Community in Sri Lanka (in the Sinhala Buddhist background)

The Rt Rev'd Keerthisiri Fernando

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