No Tongues: what prayer ministry and a new colleague accidentally taught me about the Book of Common Prayer

Jonathan Pease writes: ‘I can see a chapel from my window.’ Such was the standard response of the Cambridge undergraduate to being asked to declare one’s ‘religious views’ on Facebook. Some years later, from the 13th floor of a 1965 concrete apartment block on an east London A-road, I gaze down on an ex-seafarers’ chapel, set against a backdrop of ten-mile views out to where the golden evening brightens in the West. Now a thriving Charismatic operation, to which the flat I sit in belongs, this church entered a year ago into partnership with a liturgical church in the same Deanery, promising resource and revitalisation. I was flattered to be asked to help with this: apparently a natural extension of my adventures to date with choirs, church music and liturgy in London’s East End. ...

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Whither Worship? The Parish Communion

The Rev’d Christopher Mitchell

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